EMPLOYMENT – YOUTH: Renewal of the LEND A HAND system


In 2024, the Community of Saint-Martin is renewing the LEND A HAND system, aimed at helping young people looking for work.

This system, in place since 2009, allows young people to discover the world of work and build their professional project. The operation, led by the Directorate of Training, Skills and Employment in partnership with the Local Mission of Saint-Martin and France Travail, targets job seekers aged 16 to 30. Each trainee receives €1 net per month, divided between the COM (€398,70) and the host company or association (€1). Registrations are made on file at the Training Department until June 098,70, 300. The operation includes a 16-hour training phase and a one-month company immersion, renewable once. The two immersion periods are from June 2024 to August 30, 24 and from October 31 to December 2024, 25. The overall budget of €31, validated by the executive council on May 2024, covers the costs of training, communication, remuneration of trainees and management by the ASP. The operation is financed 400.000% by the FSE (€16) and 85% by the Community (€340).


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