EMPLOYMENT: Encourage young people to train through the apprenticeship contract


40% of those under 25 in Saint-Martin do not have any diploma. "The situation of young people in Saint-Martin is worrying", conceives the prefecture which with its partners (Pôle Emploi, CCISM, COM, Akto) rely on learning to reverse the situation.

Apprenticeship is a way for a young person of at least 16 years of age to learn a trade and to work at the same time. However, few young people from Saint-Martin are still using this device and those who have done so are not all highly motivated. "Out of twenty apprentices registered in an apprenticeship course, ten register for an exam and only six pass the test," notes the prefecture, which also insists on the diversity of offers. "The territory now has five apprenticeship training centers (CFA) which provide around thirty apprenticeship actions to obtain a qualification from CAP to BTS", she explains.

The prefecture and its partners wish to encourage young people to train in this way but also to motivate companies to recruit.

“As part of the recovery plan and the 1 young person 1 solution measure, exceptional assistance for young people aged 16 to 24 is provided for all companies with 250 employees, for the first year of apprenticeship, i.e. € 5000 for a minor and € 8000 for a major. This aid covers 100% of the salary of a young minor and 80% of that of a young adult, ”recalls the State. For contracts signed until December 31, 2021, this aid is paid unconditionally for any young person preparing for a diploma up to a master's degree.

Finally, the program Shift to positivity hosted by Melanie Hodge on Youth Radio will present apprenticeship offers and training every Tuesday at 9 a.m. for the next few weeks.

A mailbox available to the public for any questions: 971.app Learning@deets.gouv.fr



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