EMPLOYMENT: Inauguration of “Saint-Martin Compétences”


Prefect Berton, president of CARIF-OTEF and President Mussington inaugurated on May 16 the new premises of the Public Interest Group (GIP) CARIF-OTEF, located at 522-523 of the Résidence de Saint-Jean Bellevue.

Under the name “Saint-Martin Compétences”, the Center for Animation, Resources and Information on Training (CARIF) and the Territorial Observatory of Employment and Training (OTEF) aim to respond to the specific skills needs of the territory. Before the creation of this center, the training offer in Saint-Martin was little visible to residents and those involved in the public employment service (PES). In addition to the erroneous orientations and unsuitable prescriptions, the training offers were mixed with those of Guadeloupe, limiting the decision-making capacities of local actors. The dissociation of data will now make it possible to precisely monitor local dynamics. This new visibility facilitates the identification of the specific needs of the territory, positively impacting discussions and future allocations. The analyzes and studies produced will therefore strengthen the capacity of local stakeholders to determine the necessary actions. _VX


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