TERRITORIAL ELECTIONS: Daniel Gibbs: "this result is obviously a huge disappointment"


In his capacity as outgoing president, Daniel Gibbs came to the stage on Sunday evening to announce the results of the second round of the territorial elections. Team Gibbs obtained 3226 votes, 1516 less than the RSM.

Surrounded by a few running mates, his sister and his most loyal comrades, Daniel Gibbs said he was “sad, for Saint-Martin and for [the voters], not to have been able to bring them the success they deserved ". “This result is obviously a huge disappointment,” he agrees.

Daniel Gibbs claims “to have done [his] best to protect [his] people from the unprecedented crises, which during these five years have impacted [them]. And sometimes bruised.

“I come out of it with an even greater love for Saint-Martin, with an even stronger attachment to our population, and I come out of it with even more admiration for what Saint-Martinoises and Saint-Martinois are. able to perform in the most difficult situations," he confesses.

Finally, he wished his “successor to succeed”. “And he can count on a vigilant, demanding opposition… but always constructive. I sowed. He will reap,” he warned. Coming in second place, Team Gibbs will be represented on the territorial council; it should get between 4 and 6 seats. Enter the people in the order of the list. The distribution will be announced by the services of the prefecture according to a calculation specified by the electoral code. (soualigapost.com)


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