2024 legislative elections: 8 registered candidates


This Sunday, June 16, marked the deadline for the registration of candidates for the Saint-Martin/Saint-Barthélemy constituency for the early legislative elections, the first round of which will take place on June 1 in the territory.

At the end of a draw carried out by the prefecture last Sunday at 18:45 p.m., 8 candidates appear on the list for the first round of the election for the seat of deputy in the National Assembly. They include the outgoing deputy Frantz Gumbs, the territorial councilor of the opposition Philippe Philidor, Alexandra Questel, president of the Territorial Tourist Office of Saint-Barth, Hervé Meunier, casino director, Ricardo Bethel, communications manager at the Saint-Martin Tourist Office, Clément Chapdelaine, paramedical professional, Lila Krimi, physiotherapist and Diane Félix who appeared on list 1 in the European elections.  _VX


List 1: Alexandra Questel (alternate: Gilbert Rousseau)

List 2: Hervé Meunier (alternate: Jean-Baptiste Monin)

List 3: Lila Krimi (alternate: Guerna Castor)

List 4: Philippe Philidor (alternate: Daniel Gibbs)

List 5: Clément Chapdelaine (alternate: Charly Bertin)

List 6: Diane Félix (alternate: Claudine Brooks)

List 7: Ricardo Bethel (alternate: Sabrina Charville)

List 8: Frantz Gumbs (alternate: Mélissa Lake)


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