COM 2017 elections: lessons to be learned from the 1st round


The first round was a bitter failure for local politicians: they failed to mobilize half of the voters. The abstention rate peaks at over 57%. Only one in four voters traveled on Sunday.

The number of registered voters had increased by 13% with 2 additional people.

Daniel Gibbs is the only candidate to have gained votes compared to March 2012. He collected 1 additional votes to reach a score of 191 votes, ie + 4% compared to that of 077, and + 41% compared to that of Alain Richardson, who led the first round five years ago.

Alain Richardson, he lost a third of his voters. He only obtained 1 votes, or 026% of the vote. Like Louis-Constant Fleming in 12,3, it lost popularity in the space of five years after being voted for in an election.

Louis Mussington obtained 70% of new votes, that is 1 votes against 141 in 670. But make no mistake, he achieved this score thanks to certain men and women who joined him, precisely Frantz Gumbs, Pierre Aliotti or Bernadette Davis who had failed in 2012 with Louis-Constant Fleming (Union for Progress). (More details on

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