Elections to the CCISM: Angèle Dormoy is head of the list


The campaign officially started yesterday for Entreprendre Ensemble, the list led by Angèle Dormoy for the elections of the Interprofessional Consular Chamber of Saint-Martin (CCISM). Filed last week in the prefecture, the list has been checked and validated by the state services. "The notification reached us Monday at noon", announced Angèle Dormoy the day before yesterday at the end of the afternoon during a press conference.

After long hesitations and reflections, Angèle Dormoy, accepted to run for a new mandate. “I felt like I hadn't finished what I wanted to do,” she says. The outgoing president explains in particular that she regrets not having been able, had the time to train more young entrepreneurs, to motivate more young entrepreneurs "to pass the torch". 

Solicited and joined by socio-professionals who believe that she "has done a good job as president", Angèle Dormoy has therefore formed a new team.

Together, they have set themselves the ambition of "transforming the CCISM into the CCI of tomorrow by encouraging business leaders to digitize, to train business leaders". Angèle Dormoy confides that she would also like to be able to create a label to showcase local products.

The elections will take place on November 4; more than 8 leaders will be invited to vote. In the last election, some 000 attended. To date, only one list has been submitted to the prefecture.

List members

Of the twenty-three members on the list, only five present themselves again: Dorvan Cocks, Frank Fleming, Bulent Gulay, Gérard France (alternate) and Arnel Daniel (alternate).

Isabelle Artsen, Jeane Jennifer Edwards, Emmanuel Gimenez Richardson, Antoine Gomez, Gérald Gumbs, Florence Gurrieri, Sylvie Holderbaum-Figarol, Christine Illidge, Sylvie Karam, Wudy Lainez, Dimitri Lefranc, Louis Ratchel, Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool, Pradeep Sadarangani, Jonas Toussaint , Michel Vogel, Rose-Marie Whit and Jean Hozé are the new business leaders who have chosen to follow Angèle Dormoy.

Yan Lecam and Taï-Taïbi Ghzalale will be the associate members; Sandrine Jabouley, Angéline Laurence, Guy Anaïs, Abigail Pavot, Marielle Montresor, Véronique Legris and Virginie Daniel will be technical advisers.


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