2017 presidential election: Emmanuel Macron elected president of the Republic


Emmanuel Macron, the candidate for En Marche, won the presidential election last Sunday with 66,1% of the vote, against 33,90% for Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the National Front, according to the final results of the Ministry of 'Interior.   

The turnout was 74,56%, or an abstention rate of 25,44%. At 39, the former Minister of the Economy becomes the eighth president of the Fifth Republic. The transfer of power between Emmanuel Macron, who participated yesterday in the commemoration ceremony of May 8, 1945, and François Hollande will take place on Sunday, May 14, announced the outgoing president. In Saint-Martin, Mr. Macron also came out on top with 67,87%, against 32,13% for Marine Le Pen. As for participation, it remained low: 6.233 people went to the polls, or 30,93%.


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