EEASM / Drinking water network: start of work at Approval


Since Monday, September 27, work to renew the drinking water network has started on rue Nana Clark from the Agrément roundabout. Road traffic disruptions are to be expected!

In fact, for 4 months and following on from the surveys carried out this summer, the intervention teams will replace 700m of supply pipes, on the network that supplies the Mont des Agreements reservoir from the production plant. of water.

The EEASM is thus continuing the infrastructural catch-up of drinking water networks. This operation represents an investment of € 500 which will contribute to the resilience and sustainability of the network, and which will make it possible to secure the distribution of drinking water for all the districts supplied by the Mont des accords reservoir.


This work will disrupt road traffic on the sections concerned, rue Nana Clark and rue François Hunt:

- Rue Nana Clark will be closed on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 17 p.m. (local access maintained) and parking is prohibited on the works right-of-way

- Traffic diversions are put in place on adjacent streets

The EEASM asks residents and users to make arrangements so that vehicles do not hinder the smooth running of this work. 


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