Educations: The officials of the Freinet school caught up by justice!


At the end of a preliminary investigation concerning a private school out of contract (primary and secondary school) not regularly registered with the rectorate of Guadeloupe, a Gendarmerie investigation highlighted the embezzlement of money up to an amount estimated at € 370 for the personal benefit of managers, members of the same family, within an association “ECOLE FREINET”.

As a reminder, the establishment had been put on formal notice not to reopen at the start of the September school year, just before IRMA, as well as the existence of undeclared teachers and a scam to the detriment of Pôle Emploi on single contracts of 'insertion (CUI) obtained with false declarations, for an amount close to € 90 ”, specifies the detached public prosecutor of Saint-Martin.

Correctional proceedings have been notified to the 4 family members and to 2 legal persons of which they are the representatives (the association and a SCI) of the counts of breach of trust, scam, irregular opening of school establishment, money laundering, forgery and use of forgery, concealed work and concealment for the correctional hearing of June 21 in Saint-Martin. The couple's villa in Orient Bay was seized judicially pending trial.

The rectorate, Pôle Emploi, URSSAF and the complainant employees will be invited to bring a civil action ”.


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  1. HEIR January 26, 2018 at 10:13 pm Reply


    A very disgusting, unsigned article, typical of a certain press, which completely ignores the presumption of innocence. The HERITIER family was indeed indicted at the end of a preliminary investigation which only investigated the charge. Today, January 26, our lawyers and we still have not had access to the file. Never mind! For you, we are already condemned even before having been heard and judged. Lamentable, which says a lot about the alleged justice….
    Will you have the same tone when we are whitewashed?

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