EDUCATION: Around thirty children from Sandy Ground visiting Grand-Case airport


Last Thursday, 36 students from the Au Bord de l'Eau de Sandy Ground school and 4 accompanying adults were received by the Edeis team at L'Espérance airport in Grand-Case for a nice visit that they did not are not ready to forget.

At the beginning of February, Isabelle Goré, director of the Sandy Ground waterfront school leisure center, decided to contact Edeis, the company in charge of the management, operation and development of Grand airport. -Case, in order to organize a visit as part of the next vacation project dedicated to the four elements. To address the theme of air, the children, aged 6 to 12 and divided into groups, had the chance to discover the airport thanks to an interesting program. Welcomed around 9 a.m. last Thursday in front of the terminal, the 36 students and their companions first visited the departures area where the check-in counters for the different companies are located. After experiencing passing through passenger control like real little travelers, the children accessed the boarding lounge without forgetting the obligatory passage through the souvenir shop before heading onto the runway and the aircraft parking lot. The curious little ones were particularly interested in the explanations on setting up around an airplane, whether before takeoff or after landing. A demonstration by the airport firefighters was also planned to educate children about emergency response. Thanks to Florian Vigneaux from Saint Barth Executive, the children happily witnessed the takeoff of a medical evacuation and visited the cockpit of the aircraft. The Aero Biodiversité association also participated in the discovery morning for school children at the water's edge through a botanical workshop with a focus on the blue pea, a plant present in the airport area. A fun animation on the different common birds finished to fascinate the little ones during this exceptional morning for them. The children went to the baggage claim room to complete the journey, while keeping their feet on the ground. After two hours of pure happiness, a photography session took place in front of Grand-Case airport to immortalize this lovely moment with the Edeis team and the children from the school by the water. _VX

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