EDUCATION: An air of Olympism has blown over the Galisbay nautical base!


As final preparations intensify and excitement builds, Paris prepares to welcome the world for a memorable celebration of sport. The Paris 26 Olympic (July 11 to August 28) and Paralympic (August 8 to September 2024) Games promise to be an extraordinary showcase of the human spirit and sporting excellence, leaving a lasting legacy for generations future.

It is in this spirit of sharing and celebration that the symbolic mark of 17 days before the opening of the Paris 100 Olympic Games was celebrated, on Wednesday April 2024, at the nautical base of the Mont des Accords college. around fifty students, some of whom attend the ULIS (Local School Inclusion Unit) schemes at the Mont des Accords, Roche Gravée de Moho and Aline Hanson primary schools in Sandy Ground, benefited from inclusive nautical activities on the Galisbay lake with the possibility of learning about kayaking, handsa and schooner.

This operation, led by PE teachers including Alain Pansiot-Villon, was possible with the help of the nautical base of the Mont des Accords college sports association and the USEP and UNSS school sports associations. A song and choreography introduced the morning followed by speeches by David Desiage, principal of Mont des Accords college and president of the sports association, Mariette Dino, representing vice-rector Harry Christophe, Andy Armongon, project manager with of the vice-rector, Marc-Gérald Ménard, elected to sport in the Community and president of the Center of Excellence and Education through Sport (CEES), Alain Gros-Desormeaux, president of the Territorial Olympic and Sports Committee of  Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, Mr. Rentet, representing DRAJES and Vincent Berton, Prefect of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin.

“Education is the key to any lasting progress,” stressed Mariette Dino, head of the administrative center of the National Education Service for the Northern Islands, during her speech. “It is the foundation on which a strong and dynamic society rests. National Education plays a crucial role in the training of future generations, by preparing them  to meet the challenges of tomorrow (…). It is obvious that the 2024 Olympic Games  represent much more than a simple sporting competition. They are a celebration of excellence, self-improvement and unity (…). National Education and the Olympic Games are closely linked. Together they offer an extraordinary opportunity to stimulate young people's interest in sport, culture and knowledge. By integrating these values ​​into our educational programs, and using the Olympic Games as a source of inspiration, we can inspire a generation to realize their full potential, both on the playing field and in the classrooms (…)

Together, by joining forces, we can create a lasting legacy for our nation, where education and sport complement each other to shape a better future for all but especially for our future citizen students that we train.” _AF

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