EDUCATION: Saint-Martin is not represented in certain academic bodies


The decision taken at the academic level to catch up with a week of school at All Saints' Day again raised the problem of the non-representation of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy within the academic council of education.

The CAEN is a body which is consulted to express opinions on any question relating to the organization of the public teaching service in the academy. It is chaired by the Prefect of the Guadeloupe Region and is made up of 66 members.

In 2007, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy became independent communities of the Region and Department of Guadeloupe but remained within the perimeter of the academy. However, the composition of the CAEN has not been modified accordingly for the two new COMs to be members.

The vice-rector of Saint-Martin is invited to the CAEN and does not have the right to vote. Only the 66 members have the right to speak.

Changing the composition of CAEN to match the reality of the academy requires a modification of the education code at the national level. “We had started working on it with Prefect Anne Laubies. We absolutely have to continue it, but it takes time, ”admits Michel Sanz.

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