Education: Set up a national competition with local allocation


Olivier Serva, Member of Parliament for Guadeloupe, questioned the Minister of National Education on the implementation of so-called “local assignment” competitions within his ministry.

In the context of the law on the transformation of the public service, a measure was notably proposed allowing the public employer to organize a national competitive examination with local allocation. “Nevertheless, it is clear that the problem of ultramarine neo-holders remains within the Ministry of National Education”, underlines Olivier Serva.

“Each school year, dozens of new holders from overseas territories find themselves assigned to academies in France. However, this translates into a particularly costly and uprooting move for them,” he continues.

“These new holders have, for many of them, been contractual within the academies of their territory of origin. They passed competitions on the spot and are called upon to leave their spouses and children, ”points out the deputy. "Newly appointed teachers request assignment revisions which are refused by the central administration even though positions are to be filled on the spot", deplores Olivier Serva who thus asks the Minister how to "palliate this problem" in a definitive way. Saint-Martin teachers are concerned by this problem. The written question was published last Tuesday, October 11 in the Official Journal of the Republic and has not yet received a response. (

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