EDUCATION: Demonstration at Lycée Robert Weinum this Friday


Carried by the Council of School Life Delegates (CVL), a protest rally is being organized this Friday from 7 a.m. at the Robert Weinum school complex. The reason: the new clothing policy, the deplorable maintenance of the establishment's toilets and the lack of available water fountains.

According to Maïa Tayale, elected representative of the CVL of Lycée Robert Weinum, "the crisis began in the establishment following a general message sent anonymously to a list intended only for girls saying that students wearing outfits that did not comply with the new regulations (prohibition of ripped jeans, tight pants, leggings) would not be accepted. This message, deemed sexist and controversial, raised all high school students as well as parents and staff members. Several parents have indeed seen abuse from certain children with regard to inappropriate clothing, but the problem here is the way things have been done. Faced with this new policy, the high school students therefore took the decision to demonstrate this Friday at the opening of the school "in order to claim their rights while respecting good understanding". Other grievances at the heart of the students' demands: the unbalanced dishes in the cafeteria, the worrying situation of the toilets, the lack of water fountains in the school, the lack of cleaning of the establishment's fans and benches, the Absence of a High School Home. At the time of writing these lines, an emergency meeting has been organized by the headmaster in the form of a general assembly this Thursday, April 27 in order to open a dialogue with the young people. The latter intend to maintain the demonstration this Friday morning to make their voices heard with two rules to respect: no excesses or violence. _VX

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