Education: Vice-President Annick Pétrus welcomes the opening of the teacher competition for contract workers in Saint Martin!


3rd Vice-President in charge of Education and Social Affairs within the Community, Annick Pétrus, has deployed all her energy in recent months, to democratize the teacher competition locally and offer new job prospects to contract workers Saint-Martinois.

"National Education has, in fact, responded favorably to the recurring demand of the Collectivity and I would like to thank Mr. Jean-Michel Alfandari, Inspector General of the Administration of National Education and Research, to whom I I submitted my project in June 2018, and who defended it with the ministry. I also greet the Rector of the Academy of Guadeloupe, Mr. Mostafa Fourar and his teams, for having established this competition.

I have been carrying this project, with President Gibbs and his majority, since we took office in 2017! It is therefore a real satisfaction for us, which comes to reward our joint efforts with my team, and which brings a concrete response to the needs of the territory.

This commitment was very close to my heart, because the education system needs local teachers, for knowledge of the territory, its history and its specificities, on the one hand, but also for the essential question of French / English bilingualism in the education, which has become more than an educational priority and has become an emergency in the fight against school failure.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by this 2nd internal competition, the gradual tenure of appointed contract workers is now possible. This competition is specially dedicated to the tenure of contract teachers in Saint-Martin since until now, there have been no contract workers appointed in the other territories of the Guadeloupe Academy.

I would add that the Collectivity has worked with National Education to establish bilingual classes on the territory. It is a system that has given every satisfaction since its creation in 2016, since we now have 29 bilingual classes distributed in the 1st degree and the 2nd degree, with a device specific to each establishment, and that 500 students benefit from it today. today, with results which are very encouraging.

This 2nd competition dedicated to public service contract workers is a significant first step. It is intended for contract workers who can justify three years of experience and hold a License or equivalent. It is in this same logic that our electoral program provided for the development of a pool of local teachers to meet the challenges of education in Saint-Martin and I note that we are moving in the right direction.

Registrations are open until October 10, 2019, which is why our compatriots who demonstrate these criteria and are interested in this competition must quickly try their luck. I invite you to seize this opportunity because Saint-Martin needs tenured bilingual teachers from the region. "

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