EDUCATION: Inauguration of the new plaque dedicated to secularism 


In line with the day of secularism at school with the theme of living well together, the management of the college of Monts des Accords inaugurated a new plaque containing the charter of secularism at school which was drawn up at the school. for staff, students and all members of the educational community. 

In a language accessible to all, this charter explains the meanings and challenges of the principle of secularism at school, in its relation to the other values ​​and principles of the Republic. It thus offers a privileged support for teaching, sharing and ensuring respect for these principles and values. Adapted to the specificities of the educational mission of each school, the charter of secularism in schools aims to reaffirm the importance of this principle inseparable from the values ​​of freedom, equality and fraternity expressed by the motto of the French Republic. . Secularism too often suffers from ignorance or incomprehension, and Madame Venthou-Dumaine, librarian professor at the Mont des Accords college has clearly identified it. By setting up collaborative work between the sixth grade classes and those of CM2 at the Émile Choisy school and in the development of summary panels of what secularism per se is, several students are now more familiar with the terms used. in this charter and aware of the values ​​it advocates. The inauguration of the new plaque which now sits in the courtyard of the college was carried out in the presence of Mr. Houpert, deputy principal of the college, Mr. Patrice Sophie, professor of geo history for the fifth and sixth, Mr. Geoffroy Moreau, also professor of geo history, the sixth grade students and the one without whom all this will not be possible, Madame Venthou-Dumaine. Before unveiling the brand new plaque, the children accompanied the talented Solange Lake to sing the Marseillaise, heartily and with such melodious accuracy that it is fashionable to honor them._Vx

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