Education: Pass the boat license to LPO students


The students of the LPO who are preparing the Bac Nautical and Mechanical Boat Maintenance, and the CAP Nautical Maintenance will now be able to take the boat license as part of their course.

This was announced by the rector of the Academy of Guadeloupe, Mostafa Fourar, during a meeting at the LPO on Wednesday, September 19. Boat license training will include 144 hours of half-group lessons over the school year, as well as 2h30 of individualized practice. “The goal is that they get their certificate the first time,” says Christian Climent-Pons, responsible for rebuilding the education system in Saint-Martin. This year, in addition to the CAP, it will be the final year students who will benefit from this boat license training. Next year, it will still address the CAP but also the first, so as not to overload the terminals.

The national education has succeeded in raising 80% of the budget necessary for the training and the passing of the exam as well as the purchase of the fiscal stamps and requests the assistance of the Foundation of France for the remainder. “We have collected money from French donors with the aim of helping the inhabitants to return to a normal situation. This includes several fields and the training of young people is one of them, ”declared Karine Meaux of the Fondation de France. The Foundation's financial participation in this project is therefore subject to validation by its committee of experts.

Janine Hamlet also recalled that the Fondation de France had already financed the equipment of two computer rooms in the establishment for an amount of 53 euros. Last year, the Foundation also helped seven BTS students in the catering sector by allowing them to finish the year in Guadeloupe.

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