EDUCATION – EMPLOYMENT: First successful Student Orientation and Mobility Fair!


On December 8 and 9, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin organized the first edition of the Student Orientation and Mobility Fair (SOME) at the Daniella Jeffry Professional High School for young people and their future.

Carried by the youth and sports department in partnership with the Local Mission, the Youth Info Point of the Community and the Center of Excellence through Sport, the SOME offered 28 information stands and specific support on the possibilities of orientation. which are offered to high school and college students in the 4th and 3rd years in terms of studies, training and professionalization, both nationally and internationally, with the leitmotif "leaving to return better". Exhibitors include, for example, the Air, Space and Land Forces, the National Gendarmerie, Police and Navy, CFA Numérique Martinique, the University of the West Indies, the Lycée Professionnel Raymond Néris in Martinique specializing in sea ​​trades, GRETA CFA, the Training Institute for Educational Health and Social Professions (IFMES), Karib Global Training to become Commercial Flight Crew, the CCISM, the Caribbean University, Edu-Carib, Saint Martin Active Initiative, Vatel Martinique for hotel and restaurant management, the Nature Reserve, the Pointe-Noire Polyvalent High School (LPO PN), the Caribbean Arts Campus, the private post-baccalaureate school Saint-Charles, the nomad for events, without forgetting the banks Crédit Mutuel, Bred and Caisse d'Epargne, as well as the CAF and the Overseas Agency for Mobility (LADOM). All brought together to help the young people find their way, the professionals discussed at length with them their questions, their ambitions and their doubts. For Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivité, the training of young Saint-Martin residents is a major challenge. After visiting each stand, he did not fail to congratulate the teams for the meticulous organization which enabled high school and college students to project themselves more concretely into a professional future. Isayah, 16, told us that he was seduced by the blue economy professions he discovered at SOME. Dani, 15, is hesitating between a career as an air hostess or a firefighter, a very popular stand. Thanks to the Student Orientation and Mobility Fair, the young people of Saint-Martin will actively participate in ensuring the future of the territory, while being professionally fulfilled. _Vx

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