Education: Lots of emotions for the last end of year party at the Emile Larmonie school in Cul de Sac


On Monday, June 25, at the Maison des entreprises, a very special end-of-year party was held for students, the entire teaching staff and for parents of students: The last end-of-year party for the 'school. 

The director of the establishment and Vice President of the Community, Mrs. Annick Petrus Ferga in her introductory speech draws up an epitaph assessment sounding the death knell for the school destroyed by Hurricane Irma, a message also wanting to bring hope.

“School will no longer be, but we must capitalize on the future. You are the latest generation of this establishment and will carry with you this heritage and our hopes. Life is stronger, life must go on. "

The demonstration was marvelous punctuated by very beautiful performances carried out by the pupils supervised by their teachers, long applauded by all the assistance.

It is only a goodbye, song sung by the whole room moved to tears finishes sealing the egregore and concludes the history of this establishment of Cul de Sac.

Goodbye Emile Larmonie school!

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