EDUCATION: 2nd session of academic units for monitoring absenteeism


Acting on delegation from the academy rector, the vice-rector may, depending on the situation, call the student's parents to a meeting of the academic unit for monitoring absenteeism (CASA).

The persons responsible for the student are reminded of their duties in terms of school attendance and the sanctions to which they are exposed if they disregard their legal obligations in terms of education. Educational or social measures likely to be mobilized to allow the effective and lasting restoration of school attendance as well as support systems not yet put in place for the benefit of the family are offered to them: special teaching methods, proposal a gateway to another course or change of school or establishment.

The members of the committee:

-Vice Rector

-Mission manager

-Staff social worker

-Psychologist EN

-School mediator

-PRE referent (educational success program)

-MLDS (mission to fight against school dropout)

- Senior Guidance Counselor

-School management

-MPF (family protection house)

-CLSPD (local security and crime prevention council)

-Territorial police

-PJJ (judicial protection of youth)

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