Economy: Saint-Martin integrated into INSEE's spatial price comparison studies


The objective of spatial price comparisons is to compare both identical products from one territory to another and products representative of the consumption of each territory. Initially, the survey concerned exclusively the metropolis as well as the overseas departments and regions (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and Réunion).

Exceptionally and after request by INSEE, the Collectivité of Saint-Martin wished to participate in the spatial price comparison survey (ECSP) which will be carried out in 2022. This study is part of the dynamic of creation of a local statistical tool and responds to the need for a more precise socio-economic photograph of the territory.

This survey, based on a list of products and services adapted to the territory, was prepared between March and May 2021 and will be collected in March-April 2022.

INSEE is in charge of the general organization of the operation. He is responsible for the methodology of the survey and the scope of the products or services surveyed. He is also in charge of validating the survey and its results.

The Collectivity is responsible for organizing the investigation on its territory by providing human resources (6 to 8 investigators) and material resources.  It also bears the cost of remuneration for investigators and their IT equipment. 

The same applies to the travel expenses of INSEE agents necessary to support the Collectivity in the recruitment of investigators, their training as well as the piloting of price collection in the field. These travel costs are estimated at around € 12.

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin has appointed its directorate of statistics and socio-economic forecasting as coordinator. This will be the correspondent of the Interregional Direction des Antilles-Guyane (DIRAG) and with which all phases of the survey will be studied. This coordinator will be responsible for setting up and carrying out the actions properly.

The Insee correspondent of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin will be the Territorial Service of Guadeloupe during all phases of the investigation, from preparation to dissemination. The agreement is valid for three years.


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