ECONOMY: Are rents in Saint-Martin more expensive than in Paris?


Since the passage of Irma, the real estate market is saturated in terms of rental. Many people denounce a rise in prices and the price level charged by the owners. We sought to compare the amounts of rents in Saint-Martin with those in Paris and its suburbs.


<br>•  Method

We have consulted advertisements on specialized websites as well as those of real estate agencies based in Saint-Martin to obtain a price range according to the surface area of ​​the accommodation.

Then, thanks to the tool developed by Les Décodeurs du Monde, we looked at which neighborhood corresponded to a similar amount in Paris and in the suburbs.

It appears that for dwellings with an area of ​​less than 50 square meters, the prices charged in Saint-Martin are close to those offered in certain districts of Paris and its close suburbs, for larger apartments, it is necessary to go further in the Paris region to find similar amounts.


<br>•  Area 30-35 square meters

In Saint-Martin for an apartment whose area is between 30 and 35 square meters, it takes between 485 € in Cul de Sac to 950 € in Oyster Pond according to online advertisements. At Concordia, a 35 m2 is offered at 850 €, in Bellevue a 31 m2 at € 730 and a 30 m2 at Grand Saint Martin at 650 m2.

In Paris, in the Champs-Elysées district, the median rent for a 30 m2 is 822 € (between 726 and 930 m2).

In 19st arrondissement, the median rent of a 30 m2 is € 609, in Montrouge it is € 546, in Malakoff € 546 and in Saint-Denis € 474.

In Neuilly, the median rent of 35 m2 is € 840, at the Invalides € 973. (to be continued in our next edition.


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