Economy: COM plans to invest 230 million euros by 2023


A few days before Christmas, the president of the COM presented to the elected officials meeting in the territorial council the multiannual investment program that the majority wishes to conduct over the period 2019-2023, "an ambitious but realistic program" which provides 230 million euros investments over five years, including 63,3 million this year.

"While the COM invested between 15 and 20 million per year, the annual investment effort is particularly sustained from 2020", points out Daniel Gibbs. “This investment volume is explained by the urgency of certain construction sites linked to reconstruction, the financial and technical feasibility of projects in favor of the development of the territory, the planning of large-scale operations such as the burying of electricity networks, digital, the reconstruction of schools, ”he says.

Just over half of the 230 million will be dedicated to rebuilding infrastructure by 2023, or almost 120 million. "98 million of these expenses are and will be realized over the years 2019, 2020 and 2021", underlines the president.

109 million euros will be devoted to "so-called new operations in the fields of economic, social, cultural and training development" until 2023.

22% of the investments that the COM intends to make by 2023 will concern schools, 21% public infrastructure, 12% public buildings, 11% sports equipment, 7% environment / waste, 7% public spaces , 6% the road network or 3% the heritage.

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