Ghislaine Rogers School: nearly 20% of class days lost by students since the start of the 2023 school year


The rector of the academic region of Guadeloupe wanted to express herself via a press release on the situation at the Ghislaine Rogers school in Grand-Case.

“Allowing each student to follow normal schooling, without interruptions, is a necessity to promote equal opportunities. Also, the number of days in class is essential to acquire fundamental learning and to enroll the student in regular and continuous work. The academic barometer of class days implemented since 2021 in primary education makes it possible to objectify the number of actual class days.

The observation is that, since the start of the 2023 school year, students at the Ghislaine Rogers school have lost nearly 20% of class days, particularly due to current movements. These situations are highly detrimental to students and the region. The Rector very sincerely thanks the teachers who have put in place educational continuity since Monday April 22, 2024 for the benefit of medium and large sections and the parents who this significantly mobilizes at this class level while the children are not yet autonomous in their learning and sometimes with a language barrier.

The Rector of the Academy calls for preserving every day of school to promote equal opportunities, particularly for the most vulnerable children, and to reassure parents and allow them to carry out their professional and personal activities with peace of mind. Education must remain at the heart of everyone’s concerns.”


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