Emile Choisy School: graduation of future college students 


To close the school year, the Emile Choisy school team met last Sunday at the Sandy Ground MJC for the graduation of classes of CM2 B, CM2 C, and mixed classes of CM1 and CM2. 

After a great school year, it was time for future college students to attend this ceremony and receive their prize, the fruit of the work done throughout the year. Some have won diplomas with excellence and others have received numerous gifts. "We give prizes by virtue of the school performance and the behavior of each student," says Mistress Fermély, one of the facilitators. Among the graduates, 7 received the award of excellence, 8 of the congratulations, 10 of the honor rolls and 11 of the awards of encouragement. One could not fail to read the pride on the face of their parents. After the photo sessions, the students were treated to a small snack. Everyone wants to meet again at Mont des accords college or Soualiga college. _KL

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  1. Jeremy July 1, 2015 at 09:41 am Reply

    It's pretty cute all these children rewarded for their work with so much ceremony… but there is a but, in my opinion! Indeed, if anyone would say that this conditions them to invest in school and see it as a possible place of fulfillment, I have already met teenagers who, from the top of their baccalaureate, or even their BTS, expected “so ”To fulfill high professional functions. I have already noticed a worrying gap between the educational level of these teenagers, certainly commendable but very common nationally (or even insufficient), and their aspirations for titles, ranks, etc. And I have somewhere the conviction that by dint of so many ceremonies, already for the bac (at the gymnasium with great pomp), but there even more ridiculously for a passage in 6th, well, the idea develops among them that by working a little bit (because let's face it, going to 6th grade requires “a little bit” of work, and today having the bac requires simply “reasonable” work), then all the doors open, and all wishes for success and career are fulfilled. But to study medicine, to have the competitive examination of the Bar, to do HEC,… sorry, but that requires a much more considerable effort than to have the bac! In metropolitan France, students who have the bac are hardly congratulated by society, it has become obvious. And this is a condition for the realization that much more must be done to obtain a title, high office, etc. And here is my question ... I fear that so much ceremony for, let's face it, after all ordinary school efforts, from which we expect no less, and indeed make them believe that a “glorious” future is relatively accessible. simple. Which then, unfortunately, will disappoint them when they are faced with the reality of the market.

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