Cul-de-Sac School: CE2 / CM1 students sensitized to the preservation of marine environments


An educational outing to Petites Cayes and Grandes Cayes was organized last week with the school of Cul-de-Sac and the pupils of the class CE 2 / CM 1 of Mr. Deroin. The Natural Reserve and the Office de Protection du Littoral were also present. 

Remember that the Association “My school, my Whale” works to make marine mammals better known to young schoolchildren.

Let's take a look back at this enriching outing with the students who wanted to share their experiences.  _AF

“First of all, we discovered the Barrière pond located just behind the school with its mangrove and its birds. We were a little sad to learn that the mangroves are in poor health because of the mouth with the sea which was blocked.

Then we started our hike to the beach of Grandes Cayes where people from the Natural Reserve and the Conservatoire du Littoral told us about the laying of sea turtles. We took out our binoculars to look for cetaceans on the sea between Tintamarre, Anguilla and us. Some claim to have seen a humpback whale ...

Later, we took a break at Eastern Point, the easternmost area of ​​Saint Martin. What a beautiful place! We loved seeing the waves breaking on the rocks and discovering the local flora and fauna (English heads, sparkling cacti, flying snowshoes, brown pelicans, American kestrel…). It is a truly wild place, which is rare in Saint-Martin!

At midday, we arrived at the beautiful beach of Petites Cayes where we did several activities in the company of workers from the association "Mon Ecole ma Baleine" who accompanied us all day: picnic / game guesswork / treasure hunt / exploration in search of hermit crabs and mongooses… We had the chance to see hatched hawksbill turtle eggs up close: thank you Amandine, it was fabulous!

Finally, we cleaned the Grandes Cayes beach on the way back. We were frightened by the amount of waste left by some people: plastics / glasses / nets ... We filled a good ten large trash bags. We are proud to have helped nature and animals for whom this waste can be dangerous.

We returned to school tired but happy to have shared this wonderful day together.

This outing was scheduled as part of our interdisciplinary project on marine animals. A big thank you to the guides and the speakers!

Text written by the CE2 / CM1 class of the Emile Larmonie school in Cul-de-Sac

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