Chess: Yashwant Vaswani wins brilliantly! 


The Saint Martin champion did not give details on Sunday 1er May at the Bistro de la Mer by winning all of its games.

Even Lionel Douglas, the vice-president of the Guadeloupe Chess League and coach of Petit Bourg, could not do anything. He even had to concede a draw against Jérémie Picarle who had deceived him for a long time against the champion. 

The Swedish Sanne Den Dikken is the 1st female with 3 victories for her 1st tournament and Nathan Sheppard is the 1st young. Thanks to the partners: Cigars Don G, Café OLÉ, Dauphin Telecom, Great Bay Express, La Boutique du Tabac, McDonald's, So Benedict and Zoulou Chaussures. 


Ranking :

1.VASWANI Yashwant 7 (Great Bay Express Award)

2.DOUGLAS Lionel 5,60 (So Benedict Prize)

3.PICARLE Jeremie 5,50 (Price Mc Donalds)

4.DELOGU Jean-Christ 4,28 (Zoulou Shoe Price)

5.COUPILLET Steve 4,20

6.CORE Alain 4,17

7.FLEMING Philip 3,29

8.DIDIER Eric 3,25

9.BERNARD Matthew 3,24

10.SHEPPARD Nathan 3,22

11.DEN DIKKEN Sanne 3,20

12.LAUJIN ​​Serge 2,18

13.MEYKUCHEL Luke 1,20

14.NSOKA Iliana 1,19


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