Chess: Tournament tribute to Dominique Riboud


A  week after their 1st tournament organized at the Carousel Topper's Rhum in Simpson Bay, the players found themselves in the same place to play a tournament in tribute to Dominique Riboud who had introduced Chess to Saint-Martin in the 80s and who left us prematurely at 76 years old.

At the start of the tournament, the players therefore observed a minute of silence. At the age of 76, it is still possible to play good games, as proof Jules Richinsin of Quartier d'Orléans who won a superb 4th place behind the irremovable Yashwant Vaswani and Jef Follner, and the returning Shayne Baly. The youngsters, who were still a little tender, nevertheless gave the elders a hard time, which would have pleased Dominique.

Classification :

1. Yashwant Vaswani 7

2. Jeff Follner 6

3. Shayne Baly 5

4. Jules Richinsin 4,28

5. Sekou Kosiah 4,27

6. Nicholas Thomas 4,21

7. Philip Fleming 3

8. Johnny Benjamin 2

9. Mira  Lindner 1

10. Akil Bryan 1

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