CHESS / Tournament at McDonald's: victory for Yashwant Vaswani, young Léo Barbier impresses


Recent Northern Islands champion Yashwant Vaswani confirmed his current form by winning the tough McDonald's tournament. He only conceded a draw against the second, Dawid Baszak.

But the sensation of the tournament came from the young Léo Barbier who was participating in his first tournament. He finished 1th overall having beaten 5 adults including the 3rd in the ranking, Simon Boucher. There is no doubt that he will have to be reckoned with in the next tournaments!

Sacha Van den Bosch wins the women's tournament for her first participation. For his part, Vincent Dilla left with the magnificent Rainbow Café prize.

The organizers thank the partners Sxm Copieur,  Malongo, King toy, L’Atelier Coiffure,  the Tobacco Shop and Mc Donald's.

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Classification :

1st) Yashwant Vaswani (Cupecoy)

2nd) Dawid Baszak (Pelican Key)

3rd) Simon Boucher (Concordia)

4th) Sydney Selbonne (Friar's Bay)

5th) Leo Barbier (Concordia)


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