Chess: Ludovic Pain creates a surprise at the "Manapany" tournament!


Last Sunday, the tournament sponsored by the Manapany hotel in Saint-Barthélemy took place at the pastry shop at Jule's in Cupecoy.

Winner of the last seven tournaments organized in Saint-Martin, Avalon Washington was once again a big favorite. But Ludovic Pain, who had been his runner-up several times, this time delivered a masterful game without being surprised by the lack of time. However, he had just come out of a difficult game with the future 3rd, Yashwant VASWANI, with whom he had to share the point by conceding the draw. Ludovic ultimately won 6 games and entered his name on the prize list of the event. It's Jérémie Picarle, 4th, who left with the hotel night offered by the Manapany.

Classification :

1. Ludovic PAIN 6,5 points

2. Avalon WASHINGTON 6

3. Yashwant VASWANI 5,5

4. Jérémie PICARLE 4

5. Jef FOLLNER 3,5

6. Jules RICHINSIN 3,5

7. Michael GRISOT 3

8. Jean-Chris DELOGU 3

9. Pascal DJIAN 3

10. Jean-Francois DEGORGUE 2

11. Patrice LAFAILLE 1

12. Alexandre MARCHI 1


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