Chess: Imperial Washington Avalon!


Another victory for the Dutch player Avalon Washington on Sunday on the beach of the Hotel Hommage.

Avalon was imperial against his 7 opponents whom he defeated. Only his second Shayne Baly, of which it was the 1st  tournament, really put up good resistance. Accustomed to the podium, Yashwant Vaswani won the 3rd step of the podium ahead of the veteran, Jules Richinsin, always on the right foot.

Let us mention the encouraging beginnings of Maceo and Julien, as well as of Ilian Carti, 1st  young and Stéphanie Decourtray, who proved that chess was not just a men's sport.

Thank you to Hôtel Hommage, Super U and Boutique du Tabac for their support.

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Classification :

1 WASHINGTON Avalon (Philpsburg): 7 points

2 BALY Shayne (Cul de Sac): 6

3 VASWANI Yashwant (Cupecoy): 5

4 RICHINSIN Jules (Orleans district): 4,32

5 AMIAUD Maceo (Grand Case): 4,27

6 PICARLE Jeremie (Concordia): 4,26

7 DELOGU Jean-Christ (Galisbay): 4,25

8 CHABEUF Julien (Concordia): 4,22

9 CORE Alain (Boat): 3,27

10 CARTI Ilian (Paris): 3,24

11 DECOURTRAY Stephanie  (Cul de Sac): 3,23

12 BOURSEAU Ivan (Cul de Sac): 3,21

13 LAFAILLE Patrice (Nettle Bay): 3,17

14 TRUILHIER Levy (Cul de Sac): 2

15 MARSH Antony (Cupecoy): 1

16 GARDNER Michael (Cupecoy): 0

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