Bathing water after Irma: no signs of bacteriological pollution


According to Raymond Rozas, deputy director of ARS Saint-Martin, the biggest risk concerning bathing water after Irma was not bacteriological.

It was especially the debris and other wrecks that constituted a danger for swimmers. All the same, the only beach which worried the agency, was that of the Orient Bay where the waste water is poured directly into the sea. The ARS thus got down to taking samples at the most critical places. And again, the results showed no sign of bacteriological pollution. Not so surprising between the currents and the length of the beach. “And then the sea naturally has the power to reduce the pollution load,” he notes.

Bathing waters are therefore bacteriologically clean according to the ARS which still encourages bathers to use common sense and to move away from obvious sources of pollution as well as to continue to prohibit access to beaches for dogs whose excrement sometimes carries worms which are transmitted to humans.

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