UAE / How prices have changed since the arrival of the Saur (1/2)


In December 2018, Saur started its production, distribution of drinking water and wastewater collection contract with the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, via the Water and Sanitation Establishment (EEASM). She had announced lower prices.

A year later, we compare the prices charged by Générale des Eaux (Véolia) and by Saur with a quarterly invoice dated December 2019 published by Saur and another published in October 2018 for a consumption of less than 30 cubic meters. All the prices indicated below are exclusive of tax.

Distribution of drinking water

- Subscription

The price of the EEASM subscription is stable at 5,34 euros. On the other hand, it dropped by 51% at the distributor level: the Saur invoices 8 euros when the GDE invoiced 16,43 euros, this represents a difference of 8,43 euros.

- Consumption

In terms of consumption, the price charged by the EEASM is (almost) the same: 0,49 euros per cubic meter today compared to 0,48 in 2018.

For its part, the Saur now bills 4,2 euros per cubic meter; this includes production and distribution since the company provides both services. These two parts were invoiced at 4,88 euros in 2018, i.e. 2,58 euros by GDE (distribution) and 2,29 by UCdem (production).

The consumption of a cubic meter today costs a user at 4,69 euros against 5,36 euros, or 66 cents less.

For a consumption of 25 cubic meters, this represents a reduction of nearly 25 euros per bill on the distribution of drinking water: - 8,43 euros of subscription and 0,66 x 25 = 16,5 euros of consumption . For invoices of 10 and 20 cubic meters, the reductions are respectively 15 and 21,7 euros. (to be continued tomorrow: part of sanitation.


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