E-SPORT / One and only objective for the gamers of Saint-Martin: to win their qualifying ticket for the Giga Games Canoc eSport Series 2022 in Guadeloupe!


Organized by the ANIS association and Mc Donald's, the first edition of the SXM Road to Giga Games eSport tournaments, which took place on June 18 at the premises of Mc Donald's in Marigot, brought together more than 70 players.

The participants competed on four different games: Tekken 7, Forza Horizon, Just Dance and FIFA 22, to qualify for the Giga Games Canoc eSport Series 2022 which will take place in Guadeloupe from June 29 to July 3.

The winners of each tournament will thus represent Saint-Martin within the Team Esport Soualiga Warriors. Their sponsor, the consultant and former international professional gamer from Curaçao, Jeff Macolonie, will travel to the territory on the occasion of the SXM Esport Festival, which will take place on July 16, 2022, for coaching and training sessions.

This competitive event is part of the ANIS association's desire to promote accessibility and develop the practice of eSport on the island, as well as to fight against school dropout through the creation of video games and digital arts.

In parallel with the tournaments and the launch of a team of professional gamers, ANIS has created a video game section for teenagers over the age of twelve and young adults.

The group will meet once a week in a "gaming room", which will be installed next September in the premises that Semsamar is making available to the association in Quartier d'Orléans. ANIS wishes to extend the experience by offering thematic activities; console test, discovery of video games and gaming/eSport products. This new form of highlight and animation should also allow ANIS to animate this emerging ecosystem and its gaming/eSport community.

The organizers of the first edition of the SXM Road to Giga Games eSport tournaments would like to thank the Service Jeunesse et Sports de la Collectivité, Yoottle TV, l'Hommage Hôtel, Bureau Vallée, Air Antilles Express and the Guadeloupe Federation of eSports Giga Games, without which nothing would have been possible.

Tournament results:

• Just Dance: 1st: Lili Bartis, 2nd: Martine Norbilus

•Forza Horizon: 1st: Micquel Pacquette, 2nd: Melinda MC Allister

• Tekken 7: 1st: Romain Jeusse, 2nd: Yohann Toma

• FIFA 22: 1st: Nathan Joseph, 2nd: Jérémie Langlais

• Best female player award on TEKKEN 7: Kia Fleming.


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