Right of reply from the Prefecture


Your newspaper took up, without questioning the prefecture or the police, the testimony of Mr. Michel PETIT, accompanied by a document presenting a Form C form.

The Prefecture wishes to clarify that the document represented in your article is not the one presented during the control. Mr. PETIT was only able to provide a printed photograph of the original document with handwritten notes. Furthermore, the colors of the document presented did not correspond to the official Form C.

In recent weeks, police have already spotted fraud attempts with forged documents.

Faced with this non-compliant document, the police officer in charge of the control photographed the document presented for later analysis and carried out a verification of the identity of Mr. PETIT who was then authorized to pass. This is a standard procedure in such cases which demonstrates the professionalism of the personnel, gendarmes and police, who have been mobilized for several weeks to fight COVID 19.

The prefecture leaves the author of the testimony responsible for his analysis and his very personal conclusions without going back on his inappropriate lack of courtesy towards the police officer.

This right of reply allows us to thank the media which relay health prevention messages and underline the action of the Prefecture in the fight against the epidemic (manufacture and distribution of 2000 liters of hydroalcoholic solution, manufacture and distribution of 37000 tissue masks , distribution of packed lunches to people in difficulty, etc.)

We have no doubt that the “FaxInfo” will be able to illustrate, other than by unilateral non-contradictory testimony, the action of hospital, territorial or state officials mobilized, without interruption for more than 3 months, to fight against Covid 19 and for the health security of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, with results for which they have nothing to be ashamed of.


Editor's note: Our newspaper has never been without it.


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