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Beyond the humor contained in your article “The goat farming in St Martin” published in your columns on 13/07/2015, I would like to reframe a number of things. The breeding of goats and sheep is certainly a random activity because of the many predators with two and four legs and contrary to what one might believe the dogs in question are stray dogs and not stray dogs. The breeders suffer enormous losses because of this and despite our efforts, the authorities are totally absent, whether on the side of the Collectivity or the prefecture. I would like to remind you that wandering animals are the responsibility of the Collectivity. As for sales to Guadeloupe, this has not been possible for more than fifteen years, unless you defy draconian sanitary rules and the average prices were far from those you announced.

The slaughterhouse is in no way binding, but is a public service in accordance with the regulations in order to guarantee public health, as everywhere, this service is provided in return for a financial contribution to cover part of the operating costs. In addition to its economic aspect, ruminant rearing is also a means of maintaining environmental quality by ensuring a correct grazing cycle, thus avoiding too much accumulation of dry matter on the ground, which is dangerous in the event of a brush fire. . In other words, ruminant breeding is a matter to be taken very seriously. Thank you

Dorvan COCKS

President of ADEPPAL, (Association for the Development of Livestock and the Promotion of Local Agricultural Products)

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