Dreadnoughtus: A new association to protect the environment


The Dreadnoughtus association created in early June and based in Saint-Martin, has several missions, all related to environmental protection.

“We are volunteers for various associations on the French and Dutch sides for the protection of nature and the defense of animals. For us, all of these subjects are linked, which is why we wanted to set up an association that brings them together: defense of nature, fight against pollution, defense of animals, etc. ”explains Mya Lacome, the president, 28 years old, arrived on the he island a little more than a year ago with her husband Guillaume, vice-president of the association and captain of boat and instructor of diving / apnea.

Their association, which is named after a dinosaur, now has ten members, all of whom are volunteers. It has already embarked on its first equity-based mission: cleaning up Grand Case Bay. "Florian Paredes loaned his boat and at six, for half a day, we picked up by hand and in apnea large rubbish dumped in the strip of the first 200 meters from Grand Case Bay" reports the president. They put the trash on the beach and the community, which they had warned, transported it to the landfill the next day. (More details on www.soualigapsot.com) 

Photo credits: Florian Paredes for Dreadnoughtus

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