DIGITALIZATION: Interactive TBI touch screens for the Apprentice Training Centers of Saint-Martin


With a view to launching the digitalization and hybridization strategy, the COM, as a leader in vocational training due to its common law regional powers, must support the digital shift, while taking into account essential questions related to pedagogy, the pace of learning and interactivity; and this, not only for the learners, the trainers but in general for the entire sector.

The Collectivity of Saint Martin relies, in this case:

• On the PUIC (Ultramarine Skills Investment Pact, 2019-2023) and France Competence to translate and implement the government's desire to amplify the training effort for those furthest from employment, while inventing new ways to (get) trained via several levers of action to:

• Support innovative digitalization and training modernization projects from actors in the field or economic sectors.

• Provide training organizations and Apprentice Training Centers (CFA: seven (7) in Saint-Martin) with digital and immersive modules for role-playing and training in professional gestures via a digital platform ( logic of “digital commons”).

• Develop training activity in third places to enable trainees and learners to have close access to shared teaching resources and equipment, and for training organizations and CFAs to test new teaching methods and resources.

• Support the professionalization and support of training organizations, monitor and develop R&D, promote the sharing of practices and make innovations visible.

• Implement the provisions of the “Labour” law of August 8, 2016, authorizing the use of open and distance learning (FOAD) in learning.

The executive council met on July 13 authorized the acquisition of IWB interactive touch screens for Apprentice Training Centers in the Territory; and this, in view of the launch of the digitalization and hybridization strategy, the cost of this first phase of which amounts to €25.


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