Digital development: selection of a private partner 


The Collectivity adopted the Territorial Digital Development Master Plan (SDTAN) for Saint-Martin on June 25, 2015, as part of the government's “Very High Speed” plan. The objective is “the deployment of new end-to-end fiber optic networks, fiber to the subscriber or FTTH, throughout the country with the aim of providing Saint-Martin with new cutting-edge infrastructure, replacing in particular copper networks ”, according to the COM. Significant work will therefore be carried out on the island. SDTAN's investments by 2022 total € 21,2 million. The last Territorial Council validated the calendar of actions to be carried out for 2016-2017, including the launch of the Public Service Delegation procedure (DSP) for the selection of a private partner “in charge of the design, implementation, and technical and commercial operation of a local optical fiber loop to the home by the end of 2016 ”. _EH

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