Two youths convicted of a series of robberies in OQ grocery stores


Between April 17 and April 29, five grocery stores in Quartier d'Orléans were robbed. Each time, the same operating procedure was used: two masked men carrying a handgun entered the mini-market, threatened the employees to take the cash drawer, then left the scene in a car that was leading a third man. 

SL and a young man nicknamed Teddy, both aged 19 and without a criminal record, were summoned Friday June 7 before the criminal court of Saint Martin as part of the immediate appearance. Only SL appeared at the hearing. As in his police custody, SL admitted having participated in the theft on April 29. He was with his childhood friend Teddy and reportedly followed the orders of a Saint Kitts man they had just met in Dutch Quarter. "We wanted to make some money like it was carnival" says  SL who lives with his mother in Quartier d'Orléans. However, he denies having participated in the first four flights. For the vice-prosecutor, the various elements (fingerprints, DNA, video surveillance reports) make it possible to establish the guilt of the two defendants for all the facts. The lawyer for SL insisted on the absence of evidence concerning the involvement of his client in the first four flights. "Why would he lie for the first flights when he faces the same punishment by having recognized the last? He asks. The court acquitted SL of the concealment and the first four thefts. On the other hand, he found him guilty of the surplus, sentenced him to thirty months in prison, including 12 suspended probation for 36 months, and prohibited him from having a weapon for ten years. He convicted Teddy of all the facts and sentenced him to four years in prison with an arrest warrant. He recognized the constitution of civil party of two of the victims and condemned the two defendants to pay jointly 500 euros to one of them, as well as for Teddy to compensate the victim of the first theft up to 1700 euros.


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