Two years in prison for a 19 year old youth who committed a VAMA


A XNUMX-year-old Saint-Martinois, VSC, was sentenced to two years in prison by the Saint-Martin criminal court for committing an armed robbery and attempting a second one.

On December 22, the manager of a convenience store at Concordia, is about to close his shop when he sees a young man with a hidden face and a machete arriving. He locks the gates to protect himself. The criminal who then tries to enter by breaking a window will not be able to enter the establishment.

The gendarmes seized of the investigation will discover objects near the store, which have been left by the individual, including a piece of clothing. DNA samples are taken to identify VSC who was arrested at the end of February. He was placed in police custody and then in pre-trial detention before being brought before the court on Friday March 8 under the immediate appearance procedure.

In addition, the investigators are carrying out a reconciliation with another VAMA committed in November; the procedure is similar and the robber wears the same clothes. VSC recognizes the facts. A warrant of deposit having been issued, VSC was transferred to prison in Guadeloupe after his trial. The prosecution had requested a four-year prison sentence. 


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