At the end of last year, our company obtained the license to operate 4G in the territories of the Northern Islands.

Since then, all of our teams of engineers have been working to set up the equipment necessary for the deployment of the 4G service to its customers in partnership with our various suppliers.

The arrival of 4G requires very important exterior work, each site must be equipped with new equipment. The technology linked to 3G for signal broadcasting is completely different, new antennas must be installed on all sites, we have more than 30 sites on the North Islands. Beyond this equipment, it is also the core network and all of the servers that are reviewed and upgraded to 4G prerequisites.

To date, several sites are already installed and operational. The first tests are very satisfactory, we can already announce 4G speeds up to: more than 50 Mega in uplink and 15 Mega in downlink.

The work carried out to date has led to a rebalancing of the 2 and 3G networks, which is already reflected in an optimization of the quality of 3G on the network. This rebalancing of frequencies will make it possible to deliver very high quality 4G and then receive equipment and other 5G servers for the years to come.

The first sim cards will be put into service this month. Gradually during this quarter, our customers will be able to benefit from 4G services in Saint Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.


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