Last minute: The "Dixmude" back in Saint-Martin this Thursday April 23


The "Dixmude" amphibious helicopter carrier will be near Saint Martin tomorrow Thursday 23 April. It will carry out some amphibious and logistical activities. If sea conditions allow it, the Diksmuide will be at autopilot from 08:30 am to 19:00 pm off Marigot.

Recognition and validation by range

The building will carry out maneuvers near certain beaches:

- Grand Case beach

- Anse Heureuse beach

The procedures are absolutely contactless, only the reconnaissance team (4 divers) set foot on the beach for the establishment of the reconnaissance site, the 4 having been tested negative covid. The landing gear (2 barges for transporting material - CTM - and one fast amphibious landing craft - EDAR) will also be carried out absolutely without contact.

Material delivery

Diksmuide will drop off the lighting package intended for the PME (advanced medical post) at the end of the morning on the beach of Grand Case, for recovery by a maneuver still absolutely contactless by the detachment of the 33rd RIMA on site. The landing of the pallet is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

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