Dengue: The end of a historic epidemic in Guadeloupe!


The teleconference meeting of the Management Committee on Thursday, May 20 marked the end of the Dengue epidemic in Guadeloupe. It is indeed the longest epidemic ever recorded in this territory.

It began in October 2019, spanned the whole of 2020, to mark time in March, i.e. 78 weeks in total!

The report posted by Public Health France shows 23 clinically suggestive cases, 590 hospitalizations including 218 associated deaths. The phase of low circulation of the virus which characterizes the current situation should be an opportunity for communities, major players in the fight against the proliferation of mosquitoes, to set up training actions for personnel who can be mobilized in terms of housing or environnment management. It is essential to act in prevention to reduce as much as possible the breeding sites and to avoid an epidemic resumption.

In addition, ARS teams are working on innovative solutions such as tank mosquito nets, new generation traps or even experimentation with the sterile insect technique (TIS) aimed at reducing the populations of vector mosquitoes. disease, present in risk areas or near homes.

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