Death of Yvette Fleming-Hodge: Daniel Gibbs: "A great Lady has just left us"


At the announcement of the death of Mrs. Yvette Fleming-Hodge, the President of the Community, Daniel Gibbs, sends his sincere condolences to his family and pays him tribute.

“I am very sad to learn that Mrs. Yvette Fleming-Hodge, who was one of our deans and an essential figure of our island, left us at the age of 101 years.

With it, a whole section of our collective history goes away. Madame Fleming-Hodge has had an exceptionally long and rich existence; her life has been fully filled and we can only be proud of her journey as a brilliant Saint Martinoise woman committed with sincerity and love for her territory.

On behalf of the community of Saint-Martin, its elected officials, its staff and our entire population, I wish to express my deep condolences to the family of Mrs. Fleming-Hodge, to her children and grandchildren, as well as to 'to everyone close to him.

Her disappearance is a considerable loss for Saint-Martin, she who never stopped investing in the influence of her island, and acting throughout her life for the development of our economy and emancipation of our population.

I have a great admiration for Madame Fleming, she is a great lady who has just left us. But I know that his kindness will accompany us on the path of rebirth that we all wish for.

To Mrs. Yvette Fleming-Hodge whose memory will remain engraved in our hearts ”.

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