Young Belgian tourist dies


15 dedicated investigators "7 days a week" for the purposes of the investigation!

Twenty-four hours after the discovery of the lifeless body of Wendy Montulet who stirred the entire population of Saint-Martin, a press conference was organized yesterday at 16 p.m. in the presence (via videoconference) of the Prosecutor of Basse -Terre, Samuel Finielz, and Captain Emmanuel Maignan, present at the Palace of Justice of Saint-Martin.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the death of the young Belgian tourist occurred last Saturday, between 9:40 am and 14:14 pm. The facts would have taken place near the place where the body was discovered, the next day, around XNUMX p.m., thanks to the investigations of the tracking dog of Guadeloupe.

"Several blows were struck at the victim with a sharp and pungent object," said the Prosecutor. "The autopsy carried out this week by two forensic doctors from Guadeloupe, will determine if the young woman has suffered sexual violence or not."

For his part, the Captain, Emmanuel Maignan clarified that the gendarmerie is doing everything to identify the perpetrator (s) of this heinous assassination.

"Many samples were taken and sent yesterday to Bordeaux to be analyzed and to find, perhaps, a DNA profile", underlines E. Maignan._AF

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