Death of Johnny Hallyday: France and Saint-Barth in mourning…


France is in mourning after the death of singer Johnny Hallyday from cancer. His disappearance aroused sadness reactions among his fans, his friends and up to the top of the state.

For everyone, it was simply "Johnny": the incarnation of French rock, a powerful voice that has crossed the fashions, a star with a stormy and rugged life, but also a survivor singing loneliness, finally overcome by cancer ... Johnny Hallyday died on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday at the age of 74.

Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday: lovers of Saint-Barth

For all legend, the wife of Johnny had written during his last vacation last August in Saint-Barth, with his "hero": "Love is all we need" which translates to "We have only need love". Laeticia Hallyday then wrote a hashtag "#Fuckcancer", a way to tell fans of the rocker that the two lovers will never stop fighting, hand in hand, against the cancer from which Johnny Hallyday suffered. After several difficult months, Johnny Hallyday seemed to have regained some strength and had even announced a new tour for next year on his Twitter account: "Soon 2018 tour rock and blues".

The disease decided otherwise ...

"Fuckcancer". _AF

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