Daniel Gibbs and Bruno Magras request a direct flight from Air France


The presidents of the communities of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy asked during the third interministerial committee for the reconstruction of the two islands held last week in Paris that Air France plan at least one direct flight per week to Juliana from Paris.

After announcing at the end of September that it would resume its rotations on October 29, Air France modified the program for its flights and will operate via Guadeloupe until March 2018. An announcement that does not satisfy anyone locally, or even that shocks. “KLM announced two direct flights between Europe and Juliana and a return flight via Curacao, we expected the same from our national airline on Saint Martin. The least of the things that we ask our national company is to make at least one direct flight per week, even if it means making a return via Guadeloupe or Martinique to fill the plane ”, declares Daniel Gibbs.

In addition, the president of the COM of Saint-Martin expressed his disappointment at a press conference last Saturday, faced with the rise in the price of plane tickets. "Prices have risen sharply ... When President [Emmanuel Macron] was here, he mentioned that the national company had announced special pricing around 300 euros and that obviously no one could find these rates. But the doubling of this amount was rather what was practiced.

The president and his staff had promised to do the necessary, "says Daniel Gibbs who says he has also seen an increase on regional flights. "We went from 210-230 euros to 380 euros," he reports. “I mentioned it during the general assembly of Fedom and an operator stood up to tell me that it is not possible. I would like to believe that there are services that work but I was able to verify it personally by taking a reservation on the internet, I did not find the pricing that was in line with what we were told. These are real things, they are things experienced, ”he says.

Many people who have left for metropolitan France after Irma and want to return are faced with this problem of prices. All denounce these exorbitant prices charged by Air France and some opt for Air Caraïbes which operates direct flights.

For the moment the national company has made no declaration and response to the request from Daniel Gibbs and Bruno Magras.

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