Cycling: Gilbet Rousseau leaves the gruppeto


Gilbert Rousseau, president of the Jeunesse Cyclisme d'Orléans club looks back on the victory in the French cycling championship of his protégé Taky Marie-Divine Kouamé and expresses a wish for the “little queen” of Saint-Martin

Taky Marie-Divine Kouamé achieved the grand slam in Bourges at the French Championship. For her first French Elite Championships, she won the speed, 500 meters and keirin (track speed race) titles. Gilbert Rousseau, President of the Orléans Youth Cycling club, his coach from the early days is delighted with his career. “She's an example… I'm proud of her,” he explained. “She started cycling at the age of three with me and I trained her until the age of 14. At the time I was president and coach of the young cyclists of Coudray Monceau (Essonne - Editor's note) ”. Today, Gilbert Rousseau invites decision-makers to unite around Saint-Martin cycling and expresses the wish for better representation of Saint-Martin riders in major competitions: "It is urgent that those who hold power, advance things and get down to work, on our island, here in Saint-Martin, in the face of the motivation of our young people, ”he explains before asking himself questions. “There is a decisive question for our young people who are passionate about this sporting activity; where did the Saint-Martin cycling committee go? ".

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